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X-ray inspection systems provides reliable contamination detecton within products in a wide ange of retail packaging.. This supplier is one of the largest in the world providing x-ray inspection systems. XAVIS is abbreviation of X-ray Automatic Vision Inspection System. The company was established by specialists with Extensive and prolonged period of experience in development for apparatus used for X-ray and Machine Vision, and factory automation (FA). We aim to provide improvement in quality, securing of quality stabilization and improve effective man power of your company by automating the inspection and assembly process, which innovate the solution of bottleneck issue.

X-ray Inspection System for Small/MidPackaged Products.
X-ray Inspection System for Large packaged Products.
Canned Food or Glass/PE X-ray Inspection Systems
X-ray Inspection System for Unpackaged Products
Xavis' x-ray detection equipment provides unrivalled
contamination detection in unpackaged food products.
Bulk Food X-ray Inspection Systems.
Bulk X-Ray equipment provides outstanding physical contamination detection and quality control in bulk-flow food products prior to packaging.
Pipeline X-ray Inspection Systems.
Pipeline X-ray systems provide unsurpassed contaminant detection in pumped products (typically meat and poultry),slurries, semi-solids and fluids.
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Established in 1991, Now Systems is a specialized company that develops and produces metal detectors using Digital Micro processors from Korea. The metal detectors have excellent stability and function with outstanding ability.

Metal Detector. Now Systems high performance metal detectors with the ability to detect metal anywhere within the detection bay. They have an automated self checking system as well as password protected item registration. Get in touch today for Conveyor, Pipeline, Drop Through and Pharmaceutical Metal Detectors.
Get in touch with AutoMS for our full range of Checkweighers.
AutoMS can also provide a combo Metal Detector & Checkweigher, Get in touch with us today.
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Throughout many years Eillert B.V. has developed into a renowned manufacturer of processing machines and complete production solutions for the vegetable sector (potatoes, vegetables and fruit). The machines and lines are supplied in several models and capacities to renowned processing companies worldwide, who in turn supply to supermarket chains, well-known fast-food chains, catering companies, the institutional market as well as the frozen food industry, vegetable dehydration companies, potato and onion peeling companies and other vegetable processing sectors. An extended network of agents and dealers ensures the contacts as well as the distribution and service of the machines.

Abrasive peeling machine - C25RVS.
ASD-800 automatic vegetable centrifuges.
KB-A-N cabbage corers.
CSM-900 Cabbage slicing machine.
WD & BA Carrot and topperdivider.
Tailor made complete production lines.
GW 4000 & MBW 500 Dipping Systems.
B25RVS Knife Peeling machines.
Onion Processing machines - Slicing|Drying|Washing.
VWZ pre washing system from Eillert.
Eillert single and double level preperation tables.
Spiral roller inspection table type SST.
BL-1000A Stripping and dicing machine.
Tomato and cherry tomato processing machine.
Vegetable centrifuge - MSD-500, S, VAR & VAR-HD.
Eillert G-1500 vegetable slicing machine.
Eillert G-4400 vegetable slicing machine.
Vegetable sprout processing machines.
Vegetable washing machines.

Finis Food Processing Equipment B.V. is located in the Netherlands; a country which has set the quality standards for fresh agricultural products and the vegetable processing industry. Since our founding in 1924 we have developed and produced peeling and cutting machines for all kinds of products. We are proud to have supported many large food processing companies in improving their processing plants. We have developed new machines in close cooperation with our clients, not only to improve existing facilities, but also to introduce new products to their customers. We are committed to providing our clients with outstanding equipment to support them in creating added value in food processing. Finis Food Processing Equipment specialises in engineering process solutions, ranging from stand alone machines to complete production lines, for the international vegetables and fruit industry. Finis invests continuously in developing new machines and systems to improve the operational efficiency of its customers and the quality of their end products.

Blade 2 Potato peeling machines.
Complete vegetable processing lines.
Eagles eye potato quatering and halving machine.
Bell pepper decoring machine.
Finis' destoner. Get in touch to get yours.
Sushi Chef exact ring slicing system for vegetables.
Tailor made onion peeling without topping and tailing.
Finis' Top of the Line onion peeling machines.

Sejong Pharmatek is committed to improving its products and services with a rapid customer satisfaction service system. The technical team of our customer headquarters, which consists of our professional technical personnel, will do our best to ensure that the customer's production line operates in the best environment through prompt AS and the best engineering service.

Tablet Pressing Series
Capsule Filling Series
Auto Coating Series
Bell pepper decoring machine.
Fluid Bed Drying Series
Lab’s equipment series
Weight Checking Series
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