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A: Having operators physically trying to detect contaminants in the products manually is time consuming and you still run the risk of human error letting contaminants pass through quality control inside the product. Contaminants like metal, plastic, stone, glass and bone of sizes 1mm and lower in diameter are virtually impossible for the human eye to detect 100% of the time. X-ray machines are accurate and reliable of which can provide the customer and consumer peace of mind.
A: Having operators physically trying to detect contaminants in the products manually using magnets is time consuming and you are still not 100% guaranteed to pick up non-magnetic contaminants. Contaminants made up of different types of metals, Ferrous, non-ferrous, Stainless steel. Not all metal contaminants can be accurately removed using a magnet. We implement metal detectors and set the unit up to a specific standard that is tested hourly to ensure the metal detector is working accurately. Our metal detector machines are accurate and when it comes to HACCP standards we are able to implement a log book that can confidently be supplied to auditors.
A: Automation Science Solutions has a qualified team on standby ready to assist customer 24 hours a day.
A: The period of calibration is to the client’s preferences. A recommendation of calibration to take place annually at the least by Automation Science Solutions professionals and once a day by on site quality staff members
A: Currently metal detectors cannot be rented as different types of metal detectors are needed for different applications, however stock is being compiled and will be for rental in the future.
A: The detection of physical defects and contaminants using X-ray technology and metal detection is an important part of quality control, especially in the food industry where consumers run the risk of consuming a contaminated product. Increasing the quality control on your production line by implementing the correct CCP and your company standards will automatically improve.
A: Automation Science Solutions are based in the Gauteng South Africa and are the agents for high end products supplied from Germany and Italy.
A: At Automation Science Solutions we pride ourselves in giving our customers the best quality services, therefore we keep a large variety of spares readily available.
A: Automation Science Solutions provide services internationally and locally around South Africa.
A: Automation Science Solutions has 2 set presentations on the principles of metal detection and the theory behind x ray inspection. We provide the clients with a USB containing every aspect of metal detection and x ray inspection.