Key Features and Benefits of NOW SYSTEMS Checkweighers

High-Speed Weighing

Checkweighers from Now Systems are ideal for high-volume manufacturing environments with their ability to weigh up to 500 items every minute.

Accurate Weighing

Now Systems is the leader in precision weighing, offering checkweighers that offer precise weight measurements, ensuring products fulfil the specified weight criteria.

User-Friendly Interface

The user-friendly interface of NOW SYSTEMS checkweighers makes it simple for operators to set up and run the equipment.

Easy Integration

To maximise efficiency, NOW SYSTEMS's checkweighers are simply incorporated into existing manufacturing lines.

Durable Construction

With stainless steel construction and IP65 protection, NOW SYSTEMS's checkweighers are designed, and built, with the demanding environment of the food industry in mind.

Support provided by NOW SYSTEMS

NOW SYSTEMS checkweighers are well known for their high quality and reliability. In the unlikely event of a breakdown, AutoMS’s highly trained technicians are available on call for all your checkweigher repair and support needs.

Leveraging AutoMS's relationship with NOW SYSTEMS, your team will have access to complete training and technical assistance ensuring you get the most out of your checkweigher equipment. To keep the equipment continuously running smoothly, AutoMS also offers a variety of services, including checkweigher installation, maintenance, and repair.

List of Available Products

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Checkweigher for Light-Medium

Designed for products weighing up to 3kg.

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Checkweigher for Heavy Weight

Designed for products weighing up to 60kg and is ideal for larger products.

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Individual Stick Aligned Type

Equipped with Align conveyor and checkweigher functions.

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Individual Stick Impeller Type

Separates the controller and weighing parts, saving installation space.

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Starwheel Gross & Net Check

Designed to minimize external factors affecting the weighing and weighing with high accuracy.

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Starwheel Ampoule Type

Designed to accurately measure small bottles that are difficult to transport through star wheel.

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Sachet Checkweigher

Designed to weigh individual products by providing an opening to spread the space between sachet products.

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Multilane Checkweigher

Designed with the controller and weighing components separated, saving installation space and providing a variety of options.

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