X-Ray Food Inspection Systems

Introducing Xavis X-ray FSCAN Food Inspection Systems

For over 21 years, Xavis has been at the forefront of developing and manufacturing cutting-edge x-ray inspection systems for the food and beverage industry. Their systems are designed to deliver unmatched quality control, even on the fastest production lines.

Global Compliance Guaranteed

All international requirements, including FDA, CE, UL, HACCP, M&S, ISO, IQ, and OQ approvals, are met using Xavis systems, ensuring that your manufacturing is fully compliant.

Key Features & Benefits of Xavis

Accurate Detection

Technology for processing non-destructive x-ray images is at the forefront thanks to Xavis. Their technologies are capable of spotting even the tiniest packaging faults as well as foreign objects including stone, glass, rubber, and metal.

User-Friendly Interface

Xavis systems are designed to be simple and easy to use, allowing any employee to ensure your product meet the highest quality levels with minimal training.

Smart Learning Function

Utilize the Smart Learning feature to increase the productivity of your production line. With sampling inspections, you can adjust the X-ray power level and basic sensitivity.

Real-time Reporting

Stay on top of your quality control with real-time reports from your Xavis system, allowing you to monitor production from the office.

Online Support

Ensure minimal downtime with Xavis online support. If any issues arise, Xavis engineers have online access to your system to provide immediate assistance.

Reliable Maintenance

Xavis systems are known for their reliability, but in the unlikely event of a breakdown, AutoMS technicians are on call for all your support needs. Choose Xavis for world-class x-ray food inspection systems and take the first step in ensuring the highest quality products for your customers.

Food & Beverage Industry

Dry products Moisture Products Bulk on Belt Bulk pumped
Chain packaging, Small bags, Instant noodles, Aluminium bag, Carton or box, Kraft bag, Milk powder, Candy bar Aluminium packs, Frozen food, Sausage, Vacuum packed meat, Bottled liquids, Dessert, Cans Fresh fruit, Nuts, Dried fruit and vegetables, Baked goods, Frozen seafood, meat, and poultry Jam, Meat and fish, Sauce

List of Available Products

Excellent detection of non-uniform dense foreign substances in the product.

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Small Package

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Medium Package

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Large Package

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Bulk Package

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Canned or Bottled Products

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