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Welcome to AutoMS, your trusted HACCP FMCG provider for solutions for the food industry's metal detection, x-raying inspection, and checkweighing needs. We specialise in providing market leading machinery that meets the highest standards for safety and effectiveness, allowing our clients to uphold the strictest standards of quality control throughout their food production processes.

As a market leading supplier, we have partnered with some of the most recognised manufacturers in the food industry, including Now Systems and Xavis. Our products provide the best results for our customers, thanks to their advanced technology and creative solutions, which also ensure that products comply with industry standards for precise weighing and reliable detection.

At AutoMS, we understand the importance of ensuring product safety, maintaining brand reputation and avoiding costly recalls. That's why our equipment is designed to deliver the highest levels of precision and efficiency, allowing our clients to quickly identify and address any issues in their production processes.

Whether you're looking for metal detectors, x-ray inspection systems, or checkweighing equipment, our comprehensive range of products has you covered. With our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, you can trust AutoMS to provide the solutions you need to keep your food products safe and your business running smoothly.

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