HACCP System For Food Safety Management


Log Book Control 

Automation Science Solutions offers a unique service where we pick up the CCP log book that needs to be signed by the operator hourly, we then personally come through to your site on a weekly basis and go through a verification test on each individual CCP machine to enure that the operators are following through with their job correctly. 

We will then take a copy of the data and convert it into a pastel file and send a copy through to the head of quality to keep on record as a verified copy signed by Automation Science Solutions.


Technical Support

Automation Science Solutions strives to give the best possible service with a technician on standby 24 hours a day 7 days a week because we understand CCP (Critical Control Points) can fail at any time through out the shift.


Calibration’s & Validation’s

We all know that audits are essential in today’s market when it comes to producing a good quality product. We never want any of our cliens to fail an audit due to a CCP not having the correct paper work. 

One of our highly trained technician’s will come out to site, calibrate your ccp machine’s and set a reminder for your next calibration date where we will phone to follow up and book an appointment to make sure all paper work is in order.


What is Equipment Calibration?

Calibration of equipment needs to be carried out on a regular basis. This is because instruments tend to deviate owing to hard operating conditions, mechanical shocks or exposure to extreme temperature or pressure. Frequency of calibration would depend on the tolerance level. 

When the objective of the measurement is critical, calibration would need to be carried out more frequently and with great accuracy.
To ensure accuracy in instrument calibration, it is vital to ensure that each component of the measuring instrument is conforming to its specified standard. Regular equipment calibration carried out in a set format helps you obtain valid data and operate in a safe working environment.


What is Equipment Validation?
Equipment validation comprehensively establishes, in a documented way that the instrument is working accurately. A validation process offers evidence that the components critically contributing to accurate functioning of the equipment consistently meet the predefined specifications and operational attributes. 

The process involves keenly identifying and quantifying each constituting element that has a bearing upon the result produced during analytical measurements. Validation is a commercial grade assurance that internal malfunctioning of the equipment will not adversely impact the result’s quality.

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